LUATEL is a multilingual dialog and customer care service center that currently provides active services across the globe in over 22 languages from our service centers in Brazil, Germany and Romania, operating 24/7/365.

As a reliable BPO partner, our customers entrust us with onshore, nearshore and offshore, as well as inbound and outbound projects.

Our highly skilled teams guarantee reliable and steady quality, interacting with the final customer in a variety of different approaches based on traditional, multichannel or even omnichannel communication. Moreover, they always strive to follow the project’s individual required service options and aim at optimizing the final customer’s experience.

We don’t just hear, we really do listen – but above all, we respect our customers and their needs, providing accurate information, following scripts and making sure whoever calls us hears the smile in our voice.

Quality is not something that happens by chance !

It is the result of careful planning, paired with innovative technology and well developed skills.

It is common knowledge that our business world is subject to the consequences of an ongoing process of companies and markets becoming less national and more international day by day, as a direct effect of globalization. This also applies to our customers and then again to their customers, creating special needs when it comes to the customer relationship management.

Companies which have clients in different locations around the globe, speaking various languages and with different multicultural backgrounds, are well advised to implement International Customer Care and Dialog in order to permanently keep in touch with all their clients and markets. By doing so, they ensure the international growth of their business, are able to expand more easily into new markets and thus manage to keep up with their global acting competitors.

International Customer Care and Dialog can be implemented successfully if there is a display of high level of professional language skills and intercultural competence, combined with the general rules of high quality Customer Care.

LUATEL already conducts International Customer Care and Dialog on a day to day basis. We have a vast expertise of planning and implementing International Customer Care and Dialog to the highest level of service and quality. Another asset that speaks for us is our technical flexibility, which allows us to implement complex Call Center Services on an international level upon short notice. Therefore, LUATEL manages to offer an immediate response as an Overflow or Back up Call Center with diverse language profiles.

Our philosophy, our staff and our client base are already international, so what we offer is what we have already successfully implemented for and within ourselves.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Hear the smile in our voice!

Communication has never been made so available and easy to access – still, every generation sticks to its preferred ways of communication, be it a handwritten letter or instant messaging. However, a real conversation – voice to voice – remains irreplaceable, while emails have pushed aside paper and short messaging or social media have attempted to dominate it all.

Technological progress is fast, and we value the changes it brings; nevertheless, no matter where it might take us, we still believe that there will always be the moment where a voice-to-voice conversation will be essential – and at this very moment, should the conversation be handled by us, you will always hear the smile in our voice.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be always one step ahead when it comes to identify the next upcoming trend in communication. We focus not only on identifying new communication channels, but also on integrating them into our processes and work flows, without losing contact with the basis.

To design our communication channels portfolio in a way as to enable us to represent our clients at any time and with the best possible customer service, and stay tuned.

To make sure our CRM experts understand our customer’s needs, thus creating call flows that reach every agreed-upon goal.

Our Values

Our Values

Customers Our customers are precious to us. What purpose would all our know-how, all our skills and all of our technology serve – if there is no one we can share it with so as to generate business and added value? To us, our customers are not simply customers – we see them as partners. We care for them, we look out for them and we strive to always protect their interests. On the other hand though, we expect them to perceive us as being not more than their mere service provider and to see themselves as customers, with all rights to demand, request and expect.

Transparency We believe transparency to be one of the utmost essential bricks when building trust. And trust is one of the utmost essential bricks when building a business relationship. Therefore being transparent is part of our philosophy and part of our daily business routine. You will always know when, where, how and why.

Confidentiality We take the protection of your information very seriously.

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LUATEL GmbH is a member of the Call Center Association Germany e.V. (CCV). Thus, LUATEL GmbH commits itself to follow the rules and regulatory framework of the industry code of the Customer-Service and Contact-Center branch.

LUATEL Service Center locations worldwide

Brasília – Brazil

SAAN Quadra 03, Lote 290/300
Cruzeiro, 70.632-300 Brasília – DF

Viernheim – Germany

Schwetzinger St. 19
68519 Viernheim – HE

Bucharest – Romania

Cubic Center, 1B Pipera Blvd.
Voluntari, 077190 – IF

Palma de Mallorca – SPAIN

Avenida Comte Sallent, 11-1°
07003 Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears

Vilnius – Lithuania

302 kab.
Kauno gatvė 1a, LT-01047, Vilnius

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LUATEL is a registered trademark of TGA Systems a 100% subsidiary and part of GRUPO TGA.

Legal Representatives:
Alper Oezcan, President & CEO
Rainer Deike, Vice-President & CFO
Ferdinand Neumann, Data Security Manager

Firm and Address: S.C. LUATEL S.R.L.
Cubic Center, 1B Pipera Blvd, 2nd floor, Voluntari – 077190, Ilfov, Romania
Phone: +4021 794 8688
Fax: +4021 794 8689

Business Registration Number: J40/6341/2013
VAT/TAX ID: RO 31667269

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