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Terms of use, related websites and links

For direct or indirect redirections of this website to third party websites or references to related third party website content that are not of S.C. LUATEL S.R.L.’s responsibility, a liability would apply only if S.C. LUATEL S.R.L. is aware of the content of these third party sites and technically could have prevented the access to illegal content.

Hereby S.C. LUATEL S.R.L. explicitly states that at the moment the links on this website were created and certain references to any related third party website content were made, no illegal elements could be identified on the linked or related third party websites. S.C. LUATEL S.R.L. has no influence on changes that might be made to the current layout and content of those websites by their responsible entities.

Therefore, S.C. LUATEL S.R.L. explicitly distances itself from all content of all linked third party websites that have suffered changes after inclusion of their link into S.C. LUATEL S.R.L.’s website. This statement applies to all links included in S.C. LUATEL S.R.L.’s own website as well as to the ones included in integrated third party content.

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