Only those who reach people can make them listen

The most effective, but also the most difficult way of achieving it, is by spoken dialogue. For us, this doesn’t mean only the exchange of information between customers and the contact center. Real dialogue is founded on sensitivity, an awareness of responsibility and a capacity for enthusiasm on the part of our employees, and all this translates into trust and sympathy on the part of the customers.

This kind of genuine communication culture is a top priority for us. All measures are aligned with it – from the selection and training of our employees and the creation and preservation of a special working atmosphere through to quality management.

It is the core of an uncompromising quality concept for LUATEL.


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What’s the purpose of all our technology, if it doesn’t come with

the improvement of our communication options and an increase of productivity?

From the technological point of view, there is no difference anymore if the world is flat or round, as technological progress has erased all boundaries and overcome every obstacle.

Independently from which of our branch offices we take a call, we are as close to the caller as we can be, because calls can reach us through a variety of local access numbers, while our intelligent systems will route and distribute the calls individually, according to the project specifications.

We are ready to interconnect to any carrier, service provider and to any IP based platform using either the public Internet, VPN or dedicated leased lines. Inside LUATEL, apart from IVR and ACD systems, we work with an enhanced set of communication applications and tools, such as Dialer, real-time or scheduled call back and WebRTC , to mention only the most common ones.

Apart from our standard portfolio, our team of highly skilled developers makes sure there are no limitations to the communication and connectivity options you wish your service to excel. Integration of interfaces with automated distribution of Email, SMS, Chat and social media is also subject to skill-based management, just like is the case for incoming calls.

For quality control and agent monitoring purposes, besides traditional call recording, we also have the possibility to provide direct and real-time access to live calls or to make available call recordings for auditing purposes through easy and flexible web access.

We support Computer Telephony Integration, and our data security officers define the set of security rules to be applied to each project together with our customers.

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