Outbound Outsourcing

Running outbound campaigns is far more challenging than handling an inbound one, as successfully approaching someone over the phone in these days, when almost everybody is facing a communicational overload, is anything but an easy task. Even more so when fraud over the phone has become a regular issue, under which reputable parties are increasingly suffering.

Once a call has been connected to the customer representative, it is the first couple of seconds that will make all the difference. That is precisely why our sales representatives undergo intense training and coaching with the objective of becoming experts in regards to the product or service which a planned campaign aims at selling.

We are fully aware that our team represents your company as well as its image, that’s why we take the utmost care that every call we handle turns into an enjoyable experience for your customers. So, if we do not win a new customer or at least generate a new lead, we will at least make sure that your enterprise is perceived in a positive way and leaves a good impression.

Technically we’re equipped with state of art communication technology, our approach being omni-channel communication.

Currently our core activities in outbound services are:

Sales: Sales, pre-Sales and after-sales
Appointment scheduling
Address qualification
Phone surveys


We provide active services across the globe in Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Ukrainian.

OPERATING 24/7/365

We operate globally, delivering multichannel communication across the globe in different time zones and merging business days.


To reach our goal of delivering only excellent customer service experiences, we are equipped for rendering full service in MULTICHANNEL communication: CALL, FAX, SMS, CHAT, VIDEO-CHAT, E-MAIL, Skype™, SOCIAL MEDIA, Whatsapp (Beta).

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