Highly skilled and well-trained customer services professionals are without doubt the most essential asset for delivering excellent customer care experiences.

Beyond this though, we use state of the art technology to increase customer satisfaction and ensure SLAs are met, no matter how challenging they are. While the availability of MULTICHANNEL communication already ensures a high level of comfort for the final customers, we even further enhance this by providing the final customer with access to an OMNICHANNELLED communication experience.

In our experience and based on the feedback we get directly from customers, the provision of OMNICHANNEL communication allows for a state of mutual satisfaction, with all involved parties being positively engaged.

Where OMNICHANNEL communication is part of the scope of supply, our customer care and sales representatives are most carefully coached on appropriate usage and handling, because throughout their dialog with the final customer, it will be up to their intuition to switch communication channels, in dependence of the scenarios or situations where the assigned work flow or script may not fully attend the final customer’s needs.

Find here a scenario for OMNICHANNEL driven customer care support:

A customer contacts a helpdesk requesting information; analysis of his request shows he will need to fill in an online form. Instead of leaving the customer with this (accurate) information and maybe having the customer calling again with a new request for assistance, the customer care representative may offer to continue assisting right away. The customer is then guided to the support website, where he enters a code the customer care representative provides over the phone and which gives him not only access to a direct chat with the very same agent, but as well enables a co-browsing-based advanced support.

Highest levels of customer satisfaction are the result of such an approach.









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