Inbound Outsourcing

Inbound dialog and customer care service can become a very challenging job, when high levels of customer satisfaction are requested and strict SLAs are to be met.

Reducing a caller’s waiting time on the line is the first step into a satisfying customer journey. Providing accurate information and saving no efforts to try and meet all the caller’s expectations is essential when it comes to delivering an excellent customer care experience.

The use of innovative technology is all about ensuring quality and improving productivity. Still, the real and most important asset remains the customer care representative, who is responsible for taking the calling customer by the hand along his or her journey towards a satisfying customer experience. Our customer care professionals are always doing it with a smile in their voice.

Currently, our core activities in inbound services are:

Appointment scheduling
Back office operations
Classic customer care
Help-desk: support and co-browsing
Information services


We provide active services across the globe in Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Ukrainian.

OPERATING 24/7/365

We operate globally, delivering multichannel communication across the globe in different time zones and merging business days.


To reach our goal of delivering only excellent customer service experiences, we are equipped for rendering full service in MULTICHANNEL communication: CALL, FAX, SMS, CHAT, VIDEO-CHAT, E-MAIL, Skype™, SOCIAL MEDIA, Whatsapp (Beta).

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